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Detect risk before stocks collapse

Machine-learned risk assessment and advanced SEC filing navigation for better investing.

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Hindsight is 20/20
Insight is priceless


Fix the least efficient part of your process. 

Almost half of the average 10-K is boilerplate (copy-pasted legalese). Your time is valuable. Only read what matters. 

Put risk in context.

If you had known just how unusual an estimate change or off-balance sheet structure really was, would you have made a different decision? Get conviction in seconds instead of hours. 

Protect your reputation. 

Despite amassing billions, Paulson and Ackman’s Wikipedia pages still feature the Sino-Forest and Valeant scandals. A single disaster can sully a sterling reputation, protect yours.


Companies analyzed


Severe red flags uncovered


Filings processed

Never miss a red flag again

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