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Better decisions. Better performance.

State-of-the-art financial language modelling.

AI-generated investment memos, earnings call summaries, and real-time risk assessment.

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Financial artificial intelligence

Bedrock AI uses language models (the same type of model used by ChatGPT) to assess the importance and relevance of qualitative (textual) financial information.


We were founded in 2019 and we've been advancing the state-of-the-art in financial AI ever since.


New from Bedrock AI founder, Suhas Pai

Bedrock AI Solutions

Research automation

AI-generated summaries and investment memos that are factual and derived from primary sources.

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Forensic Intelligence

Real-time detection of fraud and earnings quality failures and advanced SEC filing navigation, driven by language models.

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Bedrock AI is trusted by the world's largest hedge funds, financial institutions, and audit firms.

“I want to reach out and say thanks for building such an excellent tool for investors."

Adam Parmer, VP at Enhancing Capital

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