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Bedrock AI uses artificial intelligence to read financial text, understand its meaning and assess its importance. We use state-of-the-art natural language processing (LLMs) to tackle information overload in capital markets. We help investors detect risk, save time and avoid fraudsters. We’re a Y Combinator portfolio company and we’re in growth mode - our revenue increased 2.5X last quarter. Join us in pursuing our mission of corporate accountability through information transparency. 

Head of Analytics

We’re hiring an experienced data generalist and strategist. Apply if you’re excited about working at a startup, wearing multiple hats, and learning new skills as the role expands and evolves. 

Key activities - Analytics & Data Science


  • Statistical testing: Performing statistical tests to assess relationship between internally generated data points (e.g. risk scores) and external outcomes and indicators (e.g. stock price movement).

  • Modelling: Fine-tuning and/or re-training of operational machine learned models.

  • Product & customer analytics: Evaluate user engagement with new features. Identify problem areas. Identify insights about customers and users for product planning, marketing and sales purposes.

  • Data journalism/content creation: Create insights using Bedrock AI data, SEC filing metadata and market indicators to drive content marketing. 


Key activities - Business & Technical Strategy


  • Liaise with customers and new users to better understand product/customer analytics insights.

  • Advise on analytics software architecture and purchasing decisions. 

  • Learn new skills and adapt to new challenges as the company grows. 




  • Required technical skills:

  • Python - expert level in standard data science packages like Pandas, numPy, Scikit

  • SQL - expert level

  • Strongly preferred: AWS, Postgres, Zapier, dashboarding tools

  • Communication: Demonstrated excellence in written and verbal communication is required, both in a technical and professional context.

  • Work experience: 3+ years work experience in data analytics, data science and data engineering, at least 1 year in a leadership position.

  • Financial expertise: While the role does not require experience in finance or accounting, some exposure is strongly preferred. Effective data analysis at Bedrock AI requires a strong understanding of capital markets and SEC filings. If you don’t have this background, expect to work hard in the first few months to acquire domain knowledge.

  • Education: Post-graduate degree in statistics, econometrics, data science or equivalent is preferred.


Salary range: $110 to $130K plus equity 

Location: Toronto, 2-3 days a week in person in Liberty Village

To apply: Send your CV to

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