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Introducing Ledge

there's a new tool in town

Important public company updates don’t always make the news. We wanted a better way to keep up with daily company updates, and to find the disclosures we missed…

So we built Ledge.

Public companies file form 8-Ks to notify investors of significant and relevant events. These are available online, but you can only find what you are already looking for. How can you search for events you didn’t know occurred?

The Ledge home page shows you developments as they happen.

The Ledge search page lets you find events at companies you follow.

No more refreshing FinTwit to hear about the newest CEO resignation.

No more opening eight different 8-Ks on EDGAR before you find the one you thought you remembered hearing about….

Come try Ledge - or just follow the LedgeBot @BotLedge The site is changing all the time, so visit often to catch our new additions.

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