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What is Bedrock AI?

Bedrock is software that uses artificial intelligence to read financial text and assess its importance. We provide machine-learned risk assessment and advanced SEC filing navigation tools. Our flagship product, Bedrock Forensic Intelligence, is a real-time investment research platform.

For case studies and examples, refer to the Case Studies section of our blog. Find Research and White Papers here.


Core features

Learn about forensic risk scores, machine-learned red flags, SEC filing navigation tools and more, all available on Bedrock Forensic Intelligence and updated in real-time. Explore BFI core features with illustrative examples.

Join our happy customers

"Bedrock is a brilliant screening tool to help QUICKLY sift through filings to help avoid or spot unpleasant surprises in longs while helping to jumpstart the process of finding shorts. It has rapidly become a valuable part of my toolbox.”

Herb Greenberg

Empire Financial Research

“I want to reach out and say thanks for building such an excellent tool for investors. I find myself checking it more often as my analysts feel more comfortable bringing me under-covered names, and I can quickly parse through some of the risks from a high level with the new ‘Summary’ window. Additionally, I can tell you care deeply for your customer....”

Adam Parmer

VP at Enhancing Capital

"Finding what companies don’t want you to be reading in their filings is a key part of my research process. It now might take 30 minutes to do initial diligence on a company, where it used to take several hours of pouring through 10-K’s and 10-Q’s." 

Chris Drose

Founder at Bleecker St Capital

What makes Bedrock AI unique?


ONLY the information that matters.  We train and test our models against real-world events like SEC enforcement actions. Unlike other tools, we don’t provide meaningless "sentiment" metrics or pretend to detect lies in earnings calls. 

AI output that is auditable and factual. We use large language models (LLMs), the same technology that drives ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT our results are factual and auditable. Find out more about our approach to financial natural language processing research - Financial NLP & LLMs - The Bedrock AI Advantage.

No key words. Say goodbye to searching for keywords like “related party” and getting 100s of results that don’t matter. Our models rely on meaning, not wording, and can therefore distinguish relevance, regardless of the specific words used.  


No more messy blacklining. Many of the changes made in quarterly and annual reports are insignificant updates made by overactive legal teams. We show you the changes that matter, in rank order.

Solutions & Free Trial

Bedrock Forensic Intelligence (BFI) 


BFI Premium: Best for institutional investors and enterprise users.

  • Includes access to proprietary risk scores, company screening and idea generation tools plus all BFI Basic features. 

  • Book a demo to start your 10 day free trial.


BFI Basic: Best for individuals.

  • Includes access to machine-learned red flags, auditor mapping, AI-generated news feeds, email notifications and more. 

  • Start your 10 day free trial now. No demo necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bedrock AI covers over 9,000 U.S. listed public companies and ADRs. We process SEC filings and other documents in real-time. Access insights through our web-based investment research platform, Bedrock Forensic Intelligence (BFI)

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more details about timing, coverage, risk score calculation and more.

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