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Our Team

We are experts in the intersection of finance and AI. Our breakthroughs in the adaptation of language models to the financial domain, facilitate a unique approach to processing complex corporate disclosure that focuses on meaning and relevance.

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Kris Bennatti
CEO, Founder
Suhas Pai
CTO, Founder

Kris is a data scientist and CPA, CA (KPMG audit) with disclosure-specific machine learning expertise. ‌Published by the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and the Conference Board. Former data scientist/researcher in the corporate governance field and Python programming instructor.

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Suhas is a natural language processing researcher, deep learning expert and experienced software engineer (5+ years at IBM). Writing the book on language models with O'Reilly publishing. Chair at Toronto Machine Learning Summit and steering committee at Aggregate Intellect Socratic Circles (AISC). Privacy co-chair at BigScience.

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Andre Castillo
Head of Forensic Research

Andre is a Certified Public Account (CPA), Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV), and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with 6+ years' experience providing services related to forensic accounting, litigation consulting, economic damage calculations, valuations, audits, and fraud investigations. He has pushed the boundaries of traditional forensic investigative methods by promoting the use of machine learning and NLP.

Xiao Quan
Machine Learning Developer

Xiao is a natural language processing practitioner who’s passionate about delivering valuable insights through machine learning and data-driven methods. Xiao previously worked in NLP and analytics at Loblaws. She is a Master of Analytics graduate and is pursuing a Master's in Computer Science.

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Ray Romero
Full Stack Developer

Ray is a full stack developer with extensive knowledge in multiple front-end and back-end languages, responsive frameworks, databases, and best code practices.

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