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Bedrock AI predicted Coinbase's stock collapse

Bedrock AI provides machine-learned forensic risk assessment tools and advanced SEC filing navigation. Our proprietary risk scores and red flags predict price collapse. Learn more on our Research & White Papers page.

Bedrock AI started predicting a price collapse at Coinbase as early as May 2021. Our models assigned the company a very high risk score. The Bedrock risk score assigned to Coinbase was in the top ten percent of highest scores at mid/high cap companies.

Since then Coinbase’s stock price dropped from over $250 to under $50 per share.

Bedrock AI predicted a price collapse at $COIN in 2021. The price has since dropped from over $250 to $46.

In addition to Coinbase’s high Bedrock AI Risk Score, we flagged multiple red flags at the company to our subscribers from regulatory investigations, related party transactions, crypto accounting questions, high leverage and more.


The Bedrock team publicly highlighted some of these red flags in a March 2022 newsletter. Paid subscribers were notified earlier.

A few of the red flags Bedrock AI noted at $COIN, from the March 2022 Substack.

A snapshot of Bedrock's machine-learned red flags from August 2021, as shown on our web platform:


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