Insider Trading & Institutional Ownership Resources

These tools help you track when insiders trade and/or what stocks institutions are buying and selling.


Open Insider - View insider transactions, including the insider’s name and title as well as price and quantity of the purchase/sale.

Whale Wisdom - WhaleWisdom facilitates analysis and tracking of the portfolios of investment funds using 13-F filings.

Dataroma - Screen for real-time insider transactions here. Dataroma also provides 13-F data and analysis for free, with ads.

EDGAR - EDGAR provides insider trading information on each company’s landing page under the “Classic Version” of EDGAR e.g. Tesla insider transactions and Elon Musk's transactions.

FINVIZ - Insider transactions - FINVIZ provides a feed of insider transactions.


InsiderScore (Verity) - InsiderScore provides high quality, human-reviewed data on insider transactions and more.

BamSEC - BamSEC provides basic insider trading data.

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