Introducing Watchlists & Impact Assessment

Updated: Jul 27

What's new:

  • Watchlists: Easily track your portfolio AND red flag news feeds from both the web application and via email notifications.

  • Weekly reports: Our weekly reports will look different going forward. Our weekly, human generated Filings of Interest report will now be fully AI generated.

Our coolest feature ever is coming next week...

Understand exactly how important a red flag is to your thesis with "Impact Assessment". View stats like...

"Large cap companies that report a material control weakness are 20% more likely to see a large, persistent price decline over the following six months." "The SEC issued a total of 16 comments in this comment letter. The average comment letter contains 5.3 comments"


Check out our new home page to update your watchlist and email settings.

Set up your watchlist under "My Companies" tab and update your email notifications under using the "Email Settings" button on the top right.


View high impact news and filing feeds for your company watchlist


Coming next week: Impact Assessment

Missing an active Bedrock AI license? Request a trial at



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